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About Us

Selling your loved one’s estate or moving/downsizing can be an emotional and overwhelming experience.  Sentimental Suitcase Estate Sales in Sylacauga, Alabama is here to help. We ease that burden for you. We handle your or your loved one’s estate with kindness and respect. We know how hard it is having both been through the experience personally.

It is run by Tiffany Steers and Wanda Craft and serves the Sylacauga and close surrounding areas. We are long time vintage and antique collectors as well as dealers. With 70 combined shopping and buying years and 40 combined reselling years. (Yes we were quite young.) We understand the process.

We also know our market. We want to get the most money we can for you without going over what our market will pay. This has been quite successful. Typically, very little is left after one of our sales.

We come into the home, clean, stage and price everything, then present it for a one, two or three day sale. We advertise via our extensive mailing list, our Facebook page, the local want ads and larger city papers if needed.

Fees are 35% which includes total clean out. We either sell the remaining items that didn’t sell at the sale or donate them. Your choice. You can also request that we leave the remains for you to sort through. The rate for this type sale is 30%.

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