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First sneak peek at the September sale

There will be more pictures to come, but here’s your first peek at some of the goodies at the September 6th and 7th sale.

How about this groovy, 1960s, daisy, dinette table and 6 chairs? Of course the leaf is in it in this picture, but you can see how the daisy would look without it.

1960s Daisy Dinette Table

There are some great records, too. The estate is of a former radio station owner and many of the records are demos. Most are mid to late 70’s rock plus some easy listening from the ’60s and lots of 75 rpms. There are also many Roger Carroll program sets. You’re going to find some real gems scattered throughout the collection.

Record collection

And there are Barbies.

Barbie collection

That’s it for today. Just wait until you see the living room furniture!

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